FyM-News: Kitesurfing - Right of Way

Kitesurfers are underprivileged in the paragraphs.

At sea, we are treated as floating tires, on lakes after all we enjoy sailing rights 

This means once we have another vehicle close to us, we must avoid it.

But there are certain priority rules that apply not only among kitesurfers, but under all wind-powered sports equipment.
Whoever holds off, not only has more safety on the water, but also more fun!

Be always safe on the water with the following priority kitesurf rules:


(right of way means in this usage: you should stay the course and not work out any new tricks at the moment)

Downwind before upwind:

Riders who drive in the same direction, the rider in the wind shadow of the other, has right of way.

Downwind before upwind

Starboard tack before

The kitesurfer who has the right hand in front while crossing another kitesurfer, has the way of right and to keep it´s course. The other kitesurfer (left hand front) has to avoid.

steuerbord vor backbord kitesurfing

Overtaking shall keep clear

The kitesurfer who overtakes another on in upwind has to fly it´s kite up, if it overtakes the other kiter in downwind, has to fly it´s kite down. Always with enough safety distance

overtaking kitesurfing

Safety Distance

Safety distance means minimum two kiteline lenght of distance (ca. 50 metres)

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