Carole de Travieso


A-Levels Literature and Maths

BA in Spanish Language

BA in Economics English & Spanish applied languages


Favorite Spots:

Achakar / Safi / Dakhla / La Grotte (Morocco)

Padang Padang (Bali)

Jeffrey’s Bay (South Africa)

Peniche (Portugal)



What else?:

Bodyboard, surf, windsurf, or any other water sports would make Carole happy as the lifestyle that is around them. She is pretty sure she learned to swim even before walking!

The perfect kit would be: her board, her cameras (and HUGE lenses), guitar, yoga mat and a one way ticket to paradise…which would be anywhere with waves, surrounded by nature, wildlife and beautiful people, that would live their life with their hearts, like she does.

Tarifa is definitely one of them.


“I was born in Tangier, Morocco few years ago now... grew up surrounded by love, nature and joy for life. Blessed to have such amazing and unique parents, family, friends, AND my childhood playground that was Morocco, and especially Tangier. A place where we would have such a rich cultural, religious and human melting pot. Bringing us essential values like tolerance, respect and universal love.


We are blessed to be able to live the lives we dreamed of, doing what we love, sharing our passions, learning everyday from each other. ”

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