Take time for a holiday in nature, kiting and doing yoga: the perfect combination!


We give yoga classes at various specific locations in Tarifa, depending on weather and wind conditions, indoors or in a magical   overlooking Africa and the Atlantic Ocean.


Immerse yourself in this unique experience with us.

Kitesurfing requires the whole body, just like Yoga.



To stretch the body after and before kitesurfing is very important and is undervalued in Sports in general.
Acquire the knowledge of your body and mind.


You can read our more detailed reasons on our blog "Why you should do yoga after kitesurfing"

and... Free Your Mind! Know the meaning of this expression!


You will learn the basic skills and learn how to practice on your own, for a healthy body and mind!

Yoga is also being in the "here and now" and learn to know your body and mind!



Keep in mind that this is not just stretching exercises! Yoga is a way of living, following a complete lifestyle pursuing the following a philosophy based on:


  •   Asanas (yoga positions)
  •   Proper nutrition
  •   Breathing (Pranayama)
  •   Relaxation
  •   Meditation and the right attitude towards life



3 days kitesurfing classes in semi-private format or private (9 hours)

5 days of Yoga classes (each session 1.5hrs)




Join us now!


As from March and due to confinement, we started also giving free only yoga classes, meditations and workshops.

We understand how it is important more than ever to keep balanced mentally and physically, so we offered these hoping it will help our lovely community.


Our dear community of yoga teachers and meditators are also going through tough times economically we offered the option to make donations to help them!

Despite restrictions are little by little disappearing, we will keep offering them as we know how helpful they can be! 

Have a look at all our classes and workshops available in our "mother" site, FREE YOUR MIND EXPERIENCE!


We are honored to share our knowledge and experiences with you and to enrich our lives together!
We look forward to share with you the basics of yoga in Tarifa!
If you need more information or tailor trip package, just drop us a message HERE and we will discuss and find your perfect Kite an Yoga package!

If you think you are ready to go kitesurfing and do yoga, just press our book button below!

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