Kitesurfing Equipment rental

The best circumstances for successful learning and maximum kitesurfing fun is the best training and rental equipment.
Therefore we use Zian, a new and innovative Kitebrand, developed according to the highest safety standards.

Zian stands for comfort, stability, and has an automatic relaunch, so it is the optimal kite to learn kitesurfing. The bar of our kites has low bar pressure, making it a simple and safe to control.
However, the intermediates and experts among you will also have their fun with Zian and will also determines their limits. The Zian "Aquila" is an example of the best kite in terms of freestyle, he is a champion in light wind conditions. Whereas the Zian "Kima" guarantees a perfect and fun waves surfing experience.


There are kites from 3m ² to 14m ² available, so you'll find the right kite for each wind condition.
All Zian kites are produced on the highest standards and with the best materials available on the market. The kites are made exclusively from Tejin material.

The board range of different manufacturers completes our range of materials for the best possible introduction to the kite sport.


Of course you can also only rent kite equipment from us.

  •     Kites in various sizes including Bar
  •     Kiteboards
  •     Wetsuits and harnesses
  •     Helmets, impact vests, life jackets


We are happy to assist you with the appropriate selection of your kite equipment and look forward to your request.


Price: 70,00 Euro per day
              30,00 Euro per hour

To be really safe on the spot, you can add supervision to your rental. Check HERE.