Girls, Women, Ladies, Feminists, Chicks Kitesurf tuition:


One of our strengths and motivation is to show women how to kitesurf.


The only factor which can stop us from learning to kitesurf is the fear.

Fear can block a person so this person is not free anymore to handle the kite.


Because kitesurf systems are really safe nowadays and we have many years' experience with the conditions in Tarifa, we can guarantee a safe and individually conformed training. We experienced that everyone can learn with methodical manners how to kitesurf.


Therefore we would be really glad to welcome you in Tarifa and to make a new kitesurf lady out of you!

For good reasons kitesurfing is our passion for more than 8 years, because our team at Free your Mind Kiteboarding also exists mainly of women. :)


For an individual offer, just write us and we are happy to help you further with all needed information.


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