Basic Kitesurf Courses

Basic Kitesurf Course: Your start up with kitesurfing.

All our courses include material and insurance as well as an IKO license in a practical card format in the end of your kitesurfing course. With this license you can rent material worldwide and show your level, if requested. If you already own such an IKO card, but only reached a certain level, we will issue a brandnew card with your new corresponding level.


Security comes first for us and with this philosophy we register a continuous success and a high wide recommendation rate in kitesurfing.


Course duration: 3 days, 12 h basic course

Course participants: max. 4 persons* each 1 kite / board for 2 persons

Course price: 240,00 Euro


*As an example we take the group course here. For different kinds of courses please click here.

A basic course with Free your Mind Kiteboarding basically takes 3 days  (3 hours per day).
The course contains theoretical bases and flight exercises up to the controlled water start.


Day 1


  • safety instructions and exercises
  • fundamental theory
  • first kite piloting exercises with a training kite (Softkite)
  • controlled launching, flying and landing of the kite
  • subsequent feedback
  • optional with video analysis (1/2 hours)

Day 2:


  • first water contact: bodydragging with changing directions
  • systematic exercises to recover your board in the water
  • waterstart theory
  • specific exercises to practice the waterstart
  • first waterstarts with the board
  • subsequent feedback
  • optional with video analysis (1/2 hours)


max. 4 students, 1 instructor

1 kite / board for 2 students


Day 3

  • practice, practice, practice: intensive waterstart training with the board
  • water relaunch
  • further specific exercises on land and in the water
  • Self rescue,first driven downwind meters
  • subsequent feedback
  • optional video analysis (1/2 hours)
  • recommendations for buying the right material



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