Do you know the feeling

when you loose and find yourself in the same moment?


-Gefährliche Brandung-





We live everyday to the fullest. We are the people that have travelled the world, always chasing the wind, riding perfect waves and discovered that the earth is not flat.


We, that is Tanja and her Team

After more than 8 years of instructing and a competitive kitesurfing background, Tanja Rosenkranz gained important international experience to start not only a career in board sports but to share her passion and get people hooked into the fascination that is kitesurfing.



Due to our never ending love of Tarifa, as being one of the best wind cities and surf spots in the world, we founded Free your Mind and it's kiteschool headquarters in Tarifa.



We are teaching based on IKO standards and you will receive after every module with us the IKO kiteboardercard.


Our utmost aim is efficient teaching, to explain kitesurfing in a very understandable and safe way to make you become an independent kitesurfer.


Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, we customize our teaching methods to your learning progress and desires.


Join one of our worldwide kitetrips and take part in an intensive training week or just come and travel the world with us and have some awesome kite sessions together.



The countries we travel have so much to give, we spend the time of our lives, good times and our holidays.. and now we can give something back to them.


Surfing will change your life.



And all we do is surfing. Just do it. Others are just talking we are not. You are not.

We want to make your stay with us unforgettable and having an awesome time on and off the water. Free your Mind offers the perfect environment to start or improve your kitesurfing adventure and to have a good time even on non windy days, whether it is enjoying the benefits of Tarifa ́s fabulous beach life, doing a family trip, visiting the oldest cities of Europe in Andalucia or just relaxing on the water while doing some SUP. There ́s always plenty to do.




We are pleased to offer help and guidance at any time.


Feel free to contact us.


Your Free your Mind kiteboarding & surfing Team!

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