Max de Travieso

Surf License:






Language Correspondent spanish, english, french


Kitesurf Schooling-Experience:

since 2011 in

  • Tarifa / Spain
  • Dakhla / Morocco
  • Essaouira / Morocco
  • Tanger / Morocco
  • Zanzibar / Tanzania
  • Sri Lanka


Favourite spots:

Dakhla / Morocco



What else?:
Ask anywhere in Tarifa or the whole country of Morocco about Max, and not only you will be surprise that EVERYBODY knows him but that also only have good words and amazing stories about Max. Some people give to the company not just growth or money but rather their positive energy, their respect for others, and their unique ability to make people laugh, smile, and just be happy. Max is the person that always talks from his heart but with a touch of comedy.
He takes care, at Free your Mind, of organizing trips to Morocco, top to bottom, give surf lessons and get traditional and sublime Moroccan food. He can be called "wave & wind Guru" because of his ability to observe and read nature so well. During the summer you can see him in Tarifa, but his favorite thing is to spend his time chasing the perfect wave and the lifestyle that living on the wild beaches of the Atlantic coast of Morocco offers.


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