Surf City Tarifa // Ciudad del Surf

Article about mega project surf city // ciudad del surf

Additionally to the movie from yesterday; Find here a article about the mega project Surf Cuty Tarifa // Ciudad del surf.

Tarifa, touristic jewel of Cadiz, will be the heart of one of the most innovating developments of the Spanish coast.  Metrovacesa is planning to build there the “Surf City”, a residential, commercial and touristic project, which will boost the economy of the town for the coming years.

The prosperous period that Andalusia’s tourism is going through, and the rebirth of the real estate market, has made the Surf City project possible. A touristic and residential development in Tarifa, that aspires to increase hotel occupancy by 600 beds, with shopping centre and the future School of Tourism, all located between the natural parks of El Estrecho and Los Alcornocales.

The Surf City will be as mentioned a big boost to the area. 

With an initial investment of 70 millions of Euros, the company Metrovacesa is looking to generate between 300 and 500 new jobs in the area, in order to built 50.000 m2 of hotel occupancies and residential complex. The remaining surface will be allocated to parks, green zones and open spaces.

The project aspires to become one of the most important of the area of Tarifa and Gibraltar in tourism development: it will guarantee an ongoing adjustment to the needs for development and housing of the city. 

Surf City will integrate the urban scene as an alternative and complement to the old town of Tarifa and will give an important boost to the area.

The local authorities have highlighted that this is a project of the people and for the people of the town, and will involve all administrations as well in the process. All seem to agree that the project is a model of sustainable development and ecological architecture, with its integration in the urban scene and its connection to the national road N-340 and the main avenue Batalla del Salado. 

The land’s characteristics, with different slopes degrees, will guarantee to be protected from strong winds as reducing the visual impact of any construction and offering exceptional panoramic views of the straight of Gibraltar, Morocco and the white sand beaches of the Atlantic Coast of Tarifa, Cadiz.

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