What you really need to know about Morocco

So… is Morocco safe?


A good check point to start would be the embassy site of your country of origin regarding the situation in Morocco. France is one of the closest countries, economical and actively involved with Morocco, whose embassy site goes through all details regarding visiting or even living in the country. (Their site is in French and English).

Indeed it is hard to ignore the global threat and the consequent paranoia when it comes to terrorism, which is the question everybody asks at the end of the day.


So what is the reality? Is it really safe to go to Morocco?


The answer is YES!


In our current political situation, unfortunately, no country in the world will assure you 100% safety from any terrorist attacks. That is a sad reality. Even Europe has high levels of risk when it comes to terrorist threats and some, as France had to live the horror of it very recently… (FREE YOUR MIND EST CHARLIE)

So what to do? Not travel at all…? Not get out of your house, live in fear hoping it will not happen to us…?


That is indeed a possibility but you could also come with us and discover by yourself what’s the real deal when it comes to go to one of the most beautiful countries in the world: Morocco!

The most open Muslim country you can find, full of contrasts, beauty, breathtaking landscapes, absolutely wonderful people, while learning their culture, food, mentality and of course learning to kitesurf, surf, or improve your already known knowledge in one of these sports.

And what else…? Well it is only 2 or 3 hours flight away from most of European capital airports.


Let’s go through some details then about this amazing country and people:

Morocco is a constitutional monarchy with a bicameral parliament and independent judiciary. The King Mohammed VI, is the dominant authority. Population is estimated to be almost 34 million. It is one of the fastest developing economy, modern tourist facilities and means of transportation are widely available. The constant presence of military and police does give a big sense of security as they really make a point of having their population and tourists safe at all times.

Once arrived, you will be able to enjoy spice-market smells, rainbows of colors, and urban orchestras of sounds, it can be indeed quit overwhelming at first!

It mixes Middle Eastern magic, Berber traditions and European elegance. An incredible panaché of cultures, religions and nationalities, that makes Morocco one of a kind, at all levels.

In the last 15 years, tourism has more than doubled (more than 10 millions tourists per year), and by 2020, the King Mohammed VI wants to increase the annual visitors to 18 million!


Could that many people be wrong? The answer is no.


Add to this a program of ongoing social, political and economic reforms, and Morocco is one of the most moderate and peaceful countries in the region.


So don’t think of it twice…get to know this little haven on earth that is Morocco, travel and meet our team, to get a trip of a lifetime!

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    Kite Obsession (Thursday, 10 December 2020 09:41)

    I found the blog is very informative.

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