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On the most southern spot of Europe, there is a small fishing village, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, close to the Street of Gibraltar.
A long time ago and due the narrows, this place counted as an important strategic fortress and was the center of historic happenings.

They say, all the different energies come together at this place.
Also the famous alchemist came to this lively place, in search of his treasure:



Legends adorn this place. Now and then.


Nowadays, Tarifa is quite famous for being the address for wind- and kitesurfer worldwide. That is also the reason why Tarifa is so charismatic. There is no mass tourism, no big building constructions, no department stores - but original spanish-andalusian fashion labels, typical andalusian cafés and tapas bars, lots of different restaurants, the historical town center and Tarifa's unique fish market:
All those little details create the town scape. A hidden Surf Mecca.
The people who come to Tarifa once, will never forget 2 important words: Levante and Poniente.
These 2 words rule the life of the people in Tarifa and gladden all the surfers !

The Easter Wind that comes from the Sahara brings warm air and can blow up to 50 knots through the town. In that case, Tarifa's surroundings also has some spots up it's sleeve to go to when the Levante is too strong to kitesurf directly in Tarifa (s. Spot guide). Levante arrives every 6th week and mostly stays for just a few days. The bay called Valdevaqueros offers good conditions to kitesurf in less windy Levante days. Flat water and it ́s nice and sunny.

The colder West wind "Poniente" comes from the Atlantic with approx. 4-5 constant bft.
It brings waves and awesome conditions to kitesurf and learn.

"Locos por el viento" / "crazy about the wind", that's how the locals call all the surfers in Tarifa. In general the water at Tarifa's Coast is quite clean, there are hardly any jellyfishes or any stronger currents to worry about. The temperatures in Tarifa are nice, about 25 degrees.
Even in the main season you stay active, as there is always a fresh breeze from the Atlantic, while the temperature in the country, e.g. in Seville often rise up to 40 degrees!

And - of course- also Levante and Poniente have an influence on the weather, and won ́t get forgotten that quickly.
Only between January and February one should reckon with some rain.

Beside kitesurfing, Tarifa offers so many possibilities how to spend a nice day. Whether you do a day trip with the Tangier jet to Africa and visit the famous harbor town Tangier, hiking in the outback, going on tour with the mountain bike or just climb the mountain "Bartolome", which is situated behind the big dune "Las Dunas". This mountain is famous for its numbers of climbing routes.

Check out our NO WIND ACTIVITIES page for more options and tips.

Tarifa's nightlife with all the bars and clubs invites to party...whatever you wanna do...it will never be boring and relaxation is guaranteed, especially as Tarifa's 12 kms beach is one of the beauties of Andalusia.

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